Being exposed to music since a young age, has meant Tom Gregory has been learning his craft from a very early age. He dedicates allot of his songwriting abilities from the music, he would listen to with his father whilst driving in his car. Growing up in a quiet seaside town, is never the ideal place to begin when you want to make it into the music industry.


Tom decided that he would finish school before pursuing his career. After finishing, he auditioned for BBC one Television series "The A Word" where to his surprise, he was selected to play the regular role of Luke. He soon realised however that world of acting was not his primary passion, and fell back in love with music when he had a chance meeting with his current manager on a night out in Munich. After nearly 2 years of traveling around Germany and the U.K. songwriting and networking, Tom landed his first Record deal with Kontor Records.


With his debut “Run To You” the 22-year-old Tom Gregory already caught the attention of music fans all over the world and especially in Germany. The song climbed to #26 in the official German airplay charts, a fantastic result for a complete newcomer. Top placements on iTunes, over 7.5 million streams and tour support for Max Giesinger and Astrid S speak for itself.


“Losing Sleep” uncovers another side of Tom Gregory’s music. The song came to life whilst having drinks at his studio with fellow “Run To You” writer Timothy Auld. The lyrics of the song are drawn from unhealthy past relationship problems, where Tom describes how it controlled him and often prevented him from sleeping. The loud, chant-like chorus, Tom says, highlights the “desperation” that he felt.